This may appear bold or even arrogant?  

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This may appear bold or even arrogant, but is it?  

The Kingdom or our Father God is it not our Kingdom too?  

Are we not heirs of His Kingdom?  Are we not children of God, whether Jew or Gentile, being grafted into the family as one in unity? 

When I began thinking of this; caring for the Kingdom took on a deeper meaning for me. 

Think about it…think about your family (Dad, Mom, Siblings, Husband, children-whatever the case may be), relatives (Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Nieces, Nephew), your home, your car, your possessions.    Do you not care for these in special ways?   Do we not provide for them, protect them and defend them?  Do we not have a measure of pride toward them?  Not a haughty attitude but a correct level of respect for their importance; a good kind of pride; wanting only the best for each – wanting to release or give the best that is in our power and ability to each of them.   Do we not keep it up, repairing areas that need repair, tending to each as needed?  If this is not the case for us then we need to take a good look at it because it should be!  And if we are not doing this in our earthly home, how will we accomplish this in the Kingdom?

Should we not feel the same about the Kingdom of God?   Should we not care for it, tend to it, protect it, and defend it?   Should we not have pride in the Kingdom?   Should we not do our very best to provide all that we can with the ability and power we have to see that the Kingdom is upheld and blessed?   And what about our brothers and sisters in Christ and the ones who have been our spiritual fathers and mothers, should we not take responsibility for them, seeing to their needs?

Isn’t this what we teach and expect of our children; the home we purchase is a family home; all members of the family have responsibilities to care for this home.   Why would we think God sees this any differently? 

Think about it!

If you or your family members do not know Jesus, remember Jesus died for everyone and made it simple, just call on the name of Jesus and you shall be saved.

Please pass this on to family and friends, especially those who don’t know Jesus!