Operation Overtake Part 1 | Give Him 15 Daily Prayer with Dutch 

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Operation Overtake and Occupy the Cedars – Part 1

It is now clear to those with any level of prophetic discernment in the church that there is no hope for America’s survival apart from supernatural intervention. It will take a genuine revival, one that produces a sweeping return to God, to reverse America’s insanity, restore reason and allow God to restore us. Our condition is critical; we’re on life-support, no longer able to heal or recover on our own.

God, in His mercy and His need of a restored America for the coming worldwide revival, is willing to bring this resurrection. As has always been the case in history, however, this restoration is demanding the participation of a remnant. Some accuse me of exaggerating when I say the prayers of the praying church are saving America. I am not. THERE IS NO HOPE FOR AMERICA WITHOUT A THIRD GREAT AWAKENING, AND THERE IS NO AWAKENING WITHOUT PRAYER.

Most Americans, including Christians, look to government to save us, but as Reagan said, “government IS the problem.” There is zero chance our government can save America. A large part of the church believes God will sovereignly do as He wishes, with or without us. The truth is God needs our participation.

To the praying remnant, I say, “Thank you, and persevere! Your prayers are saving America.” GOD IS WILLING TO SAVE THROUGH A REMNANT! Over the next three days, I’m going to share and unpack a significant dream which will encourage you in this effort. You’ll find it enlightening, instructive, and very encouraging. It was given to my friend, Greg Hood, a few months back and I feel it is now time to share it. Greg begins:

“The dream started with Dutch and me (Greg) opening and walking through a gate leading to a long dirt road, canopied with willow trees. We walked for two miles under these willow trees. I knew it was two miles because there were wooden mile markers along the road. However, these markers looked different than those we see on a normal U.S. or State highway. This mile marker had the mile number 2, and underneath it was etched another number, 4352, and a crown.

“As we walked down this narrow dirt road, we could hear a wind blowing through the willow trees. The sound was like angels and people singing together. Somehow we knew this sound, though we could not make out the words. As we walked, we saw in the near distance a man sitting on a completely white horse. The horse was a very bright white. Its feet were moving slightly with the sound moving through the willow trees.

“As we approached the man, we were not sure if we wanted to walk any further, for the atmosphere had become very heavy. We could not make out the man’s face or appearance, but he was emanating an extremely bright light, had a sword on his side and a crown on his head. These two things we could clearly see.

Dutch turned his head toward me very slowly, as if not wanting to draw attention from the man on the horse. Looking at me, he said, ‘We might die here, but we have to keep moving.’

“I (Greg) responded in a whisper, ‘I agree. We must press into this. I can see the road changes just past the man on the horse.’

“We continued to make our way down this dirt road with its canopy of willow trees. It was very difficult to continue because of the weight of the sound moving through the willow trees. (Yes, the sound had weight to it.) As we approached, the horseman moved his horse to the side of the road and, after we passed him, positioned himself just behind us, traveling down the dirt road with us. The overwhelming fear we once felt had turned into extremely bold confidence.

“As we continued walking, we noticed the road changing under our feet, from dirt to a paved road. Just before the road changed completely, the man on the white horse instructed us to stop and listen. He said, ‘Keep watching, and you will see all that is ahead of you, and even far off. Keep listening; my voice is guiding you. My voice will navigate you through this complicated and treacherous terrain. Keep moving, and you will take the land. The land ahead of you will look much different than it has before. This is your land.’ He then added, ‘You will not walk from here; you will ride.’

“I don’t know where they came from, but he presented each of us with a horse. As he did, we could see many other people approaching us, walking and leading horses. They were not coming from ahead of us but approached from within the willow trees. We knew many of them, as they were friends and co-laborers in ministry and life. There were also many that we did not know. Without hearing any order or command, we took the reins of our horses and mounted them – everyone at once.

“As we did this, the man on the white horse answered a question Dutch and I both had in our minds but were hesitant to ask. He knew our question, even though we hadn’t asked it. He said, ‘You want to know their names, don’t you, the names of your horses? Well, their names are not as important as the troop they come from; they are from Troop Basileus, and they will ride like it! These horses were bred for you.’ He went on to say, ‘They are bred for battle. They were bred for gathering spoil and occupying. They were bred to intimidate your adversaries.’

“As the road was transitioning, so were our clothes! In the dream, we had not been aware of the clothes we were wearing as we walked the road under the willow trees, but we did become aware of the new clothes that appeared on us as we moved ahead. We were now wearing garments of royalty and war…the garments of kings. It’s difficult to describe what we all looked like in these clothes. Everyone was dressed this way, and all looked brilliant!” End of Part 1.

The dream began with Greg and me walking a dirt road flanked by willow trees, which in Scripture symbolize both loss and hope (Psalm 137). As we progress, tomorrow you will see that the dream is about America’s restoration. This beginning indicates we were saddened by America’s condition, but also had hope.

The number on the mile marker, 4352, is Strong’s number of the Greek word for worship. We must worship while journeying on this road to America’s restoration. The sound of worship carried weight, symbolizing glory, and led us to greater authority, pictured by the crown under the number. It released the wind (Holy Spirit), angelic help, and brought a manifestation of Christ, the rider on the White Horse. He enthrones Himself in our praise (Psalm 22:3).

Christ had His sword and was wearing His crown representing power and authority. He had come as the Warrior King. He allowed us to pass Him, then followed us down the road, which removed all fear from us. The road then changed from dirt to pavement. I’m not certain of this meaning, perhaps it symbolized the passage of time, from America’s birth to the present. Then Christ spoke words of instruction and encouragement, “Watch, listen, I will guide you through the complicated and treacherous terrain and show you the future. Things will look different, but this is your land.”

Christ then gave us horses, war horses bred especially for us, for battle, for intimidating enemies, gathering spoil, and occupying territory. War horses symbolize strength for battle. He told us they were from Troop Basileus. Basileus is a Greek word meaning a king, ruler, or lord (Strongs 935). It is an obvious reference to the Ekklesia, the royal priesthood of Christ, who have been delegated His authority to rule and reign. At this point our clothing changed to royal garments of war.

The beginning of this dream is telling us Christ has prepared us for this season of spiritual war to restore America. There is a portion of the church that recognizes America’s condition, but also understands worship, Holy Spirit and angelic help, and Christ’s authority. As we will see tomorrow, the war is over America’s calling and destiny.

If you or your family members do not know Jesus, remember Jesus died for everyone and made it simple. Call on the name of Jesus and you shall be saved. Then, you will be in Heaven with all other believers!