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The Declaration Of Dependence

As children that depend on their Father for protection, provision, and guidance, so must we depend on our Heavenly Father for all these things and more. Have you declared your dependence on God? This Real Life TV program is taken from a recent teaching by Pastor Jack. It has been formatted for TV and contains some additional material. We hope you gain new insights as you enjoy this message.

What Spirit Lives In You? (Romans 8:9-11)

https://youtu.be/3clg7nsp7OsWhat Spirit Lives In You? The Real Christian lives, moves, and dwells in a reality that is Spirit based. According to the Scriptures, our true existence is in the spiritual realm. Our citizenship, our true identity – is recorded, reserved, and realized from heaven.

End Times Expert Explains Jesus’ Return | Tipping Point with Jimmy Evans

Today on Tipping Point, I’m revealing our final redemption and how Jesus will bring us up to live with him forever. Our final redemption will be a physical and material renewal of our earthly bodies, not just a spiritual one. In the subscriber portion, I’m answering your questions, as well as discussing major political news in Israel, with an in-depth analysis of why it matters and what’s going on.

Spirit of Glory

Kevin Sorbo’s End Times Prediction | Tipping Point Show | End Times Teaching | Jimmy Evans

Today I’m interviewing Kevin Sorbo about his new movie “Left Behind: The Rise of the Antichrist.” We also discuss the secrets that are driving Hollywood and the double standard there was for him.