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Do You Love God? Vote! If Do You Love America, Vote! If You Love Children, Vote! If You Love The Sanity of Mariage, Vote! If You Don’t Like The Direction Of Our Government, Vote! If You Don’t Like High Crime, Vote! If You Don’t Like High Gas Prices, Vote! If You Don’t Like High Inflation, Vote! If You Don’t Like A Government That Does Not Protect Its Boarders, Vote! If You Don’t Like Your Fredoms Being Stipped By Its Government, Vote! It Is Our Time To Take Action and Stand Firm and Belive America Will Be Saved and We Will Get Our County Back! Join Us and VOTE…VOTE…VOTE…

Spirit of Glory

This may appear bold or even arrogant?  

The Kingdom or our Father God is it not our Kingdom too? Are we not heirs of His Kingdom? Are we not children of God, whether Jew or Gentile, being grafted into the family as one in unity? When I began thinking of this; caring for the Kingdom took on a deeper meaning for me.

Spirit of Glory

Help Us Defeat This Bill, H.R.5 – 116th Congress (2019-2020)…And Why

Congress is trying to fundamentally change who we are what we believe in (we believe in God and this Nation). This Bill H.R.5 will be harmful to Children, Women, Parents, and Ministries. If you are not aware of this Bill, you need to know what this represents and the harm that will do to you and your family.