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FlashPoint: The American Church Crisis, SPEAK OUT! | Eric Metaxes, Lance Wallnau

Have you ever been curious about Awakenings and Revivals? From the Welsh Revival where 100,000 found Christ and their entire nation was completely changed to the American Awakenings where God restored lives and even changed the path America was on, we are hungry to know more!

Spirit of Glory

FlashPoint: Revival & Prophetic Update (1/19/23)

Hank Kunneman, Dutch Sheets and Tony Suarez joined me for a night of revival—salvations, miracles, healings—like I have not yet experienced on the program. Only the Lord could have orchestrated it. More than a thousand of you called in for prayer, and we saw (and continue to see today on social media) thousands of you engaging, praying for one another, sharing your prodigal sons and daughters’ names, and truly illustrating what it means to have unity in the brethren. It is a privilege and an honor to be part of something like that.