Meet the Founders

Hello, we are Dennis and Tami Medler of Spirit of Glory.  We are blessed by your
visit. Thank you!

The LORD directed us to begin Spirit of Glory Ministries back in 2006 to share Dennis’ testimony
and God’s great love for His children in hopes to see many come to know the
Saving Grace of God through our Lord Jesus Christ.   Since the beginning of
Spirit of Glory, God has brought many people to us for prayer and we see over
and over His mercy, grace and love through signs, wonders and miracles.   We see
Him breathe new life into people who  were broken hearted and had lost hope.  We
see Him release those held captive by dire conditions whether it be a terminal
disease, financial bondage or other ways the enemy has interfered with their

It is our hope to continue the work of Jesus according to His directions in the
Gospels.  We love working with Holy Spirit teaching the Word of God, healing and
bringing reconciliation. We love to work with Him to see lives restored,
transformed and transfigured.  Watching people come alive and take hold of the
direction He has for them in order that they know their identity and fulfill
their destiny for His glory is such an honor.

Spirit of Glory is one avenue in which God has chosen to use us.   Dennis and I work
alongside and with other ministries as God directs.  We have volunteered with:
Church Under the Bridge which is an outreach ministry to the homeless in our
city; Austin Healing Rooms, a Hospital ministry as well as Bags of Grace and
with an elementary school feeding children. We work with River of Life
Ministries in Virginia Beach, VA and Ministries On Call in Austin, TX traveling
to Nations to share God’s love and the good news of Jesus Christ.

Our desire is to “see” people through His eyes and to speak  His appointed word to
them.  Our desire is to be HIS hands and feet here on earth.  We hope to be a
reflection of Christ pleasing to Father God, sharing His love by word and deed;
giving water, food, clothing, shelter, medicine and HIS truth as HE directs.

We pray that those of you who ask of God through this ministry will see His
manifested love and glory in your lives.  We pray you let God love on you and
Jesus be the Lord of your life.   He is so beautiful and so wonderful.  He is
real, He is alive and He wants a relationship with you. There is no other like
him nor is there any other way to our Heavenly Father. 

God’s blessings shower you in abundance…


Dennis & Tami Medler 

Salado, TX