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Spirit of Glory

Look In The Mirror, What Do You See?

That is a good question. When I look in the mirror I see myself and what I look like. How do others see me: Man, you are getting old! Is gray hair in style? You are really skinny, eat something! Are you still wearing Hawaiian shirts? And it goes on and on…

Spirit of Glory

Are Our Freedoms Being Eroded And Washed Away By The Spirit of Tyranny?

Our founding fathers founded this unique Nation called America, founded “In God We Trust”. This was the founding principle that created our nation pledging a covenant with God. Basically Christian Judea precepts, God, country, freedom for all, and “We The People”.

Spirit of Glory

Prayer Points September 15, 2022

enew their minds, Lord, so that the spirit of Jezebel will be defeated within their communities and cities. We ask for a fresh anointing of Your Holy Spirit to pour out over them right now. A fresh outpouring of the mantle of boldness and authority so that they may speak the truth with love. Just as Gideon came out of the wine press, let this be an emergence for leaders and pastors to come out of Covid and political unrest with more anointing, courage, and commitment to preach the truth of Christ to a broken world! Father, we ask You to usher in a great awakening and we ask that You do it now. In the mighty name of Jesus—Amen!

Spirit of Glory

Calling All The Prodigals To Come Home!

I wonder how many prodigals there are in the entire world who need to return and fill their destiny? I assume a lot! At some point in your life, you accepted Jesus as your Saviour, then something or someone caused you to lose faith, and you walked away.

Spirit of Glory

We experience and enjoy His Grace through Jesus…

Grace is a gift from Heavenly Father given through His Son, Jesus Christ. The word grace, as used in the scriptures, refers primarily to enabling power and spiritual healing offered through the mercy and love of Jesus Christ.

The Unbelievers (Unrighteous) Will Experience The Second Death…

What happens to those that don’t know Jesus as their Savior (unbelievers)? When they die, they go to Hell. At the end of the Millennium, they will experience a second death at The Great White Throne of Judgment (Revelation 20:11-15), where they are cast into the Lake of Fire for eternity.


Do You Love God? Vote! If Do You Love America, Vote! If You Love Children, Vote! If You Love The Sanity of Mariage, Vote! If You Don’t Like The Direction Of Our Government, Vote! If You Don’t Like High Crime, Vote! If You Don’t Like High Gas Prices, Vote! If You Don’t Like High Inflation, Vote! If You Don’t Like A Government That Does Not Protect Its Boarders, Vote! If You Don’t Like Your Fredoms Being Stipped By Its Government, Vote! It Is Our Time To Take Action and Stand Firm and Belive America Will Be Saved and We Will Get Our County Back! Join Us and VOTE…VOTE…VOTE…

Spirit of Glory

Please Don’t Take The “Mark of the Beast”!

When I was a teenager in the ’60s, my family visited a local church and was part of a Sunday class for a youth group. Our teacher spent several months going over the book of Revelation and explaining the symbols and how they relate to the Last Days and the tribulation period and how this relates to Isreal. It was confusing to me at that time because it was far-fletch.