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Martha – Healed from CHF. Letter from Martha, 
I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure on June 18th, 2009. On November 2, 2009 I was told that my heart is functioning well. This was confirmed with an echo-cardiogram on November 23, 2009. Thank you for your prayers. God is forever
faithful. Amen

Jim – Healed, no surgery.
On a recent Sunday morning a woman came into Church of the Hills; she and her husband have been visiting for several weeks.  The wife, Mary, who works with
Fred Huber went straight to Fred to share that her husband was in the hospital
with a heart condition.   Fred introduced Mary to us and then asked if we would
go with him and Gail to the hospital afterwards to pray for her husband, Jim.
Since Dennis had a miraculous healing of his heart, we wanted to see God do it
again.   We asked Mary if visiting Jim would be ok; she was really happy that we
would take the time to do this.  The four of us left for Round Rock Hospital
right after service to visit Jim and Mary.  Jim then shared the difficulties he
was going through.  He told us he was having trouble breathing and his heart had
been racing.  He said they had put a temporary pace maker in his chest with a
surgery scheduled for a permanent pace maker.   Dennis gave his testimony of how
God healed his heart of CHF as well as damage from a stroke.  Dennis then asked
Jim if we could pray for him.  Dennis began and then each of us shared words for
Jim; all the while the temperature in the room rose immensely.  We also had the
privilege to pray for his wife, Mary.   Both Jim and Mary were touched deeply.
Jim said he felt warm and a little better.  They both seemed a bit more peaceful
as we were leaving.  We told them we expected a good report and that we believed
he was healed.  Jim smiled and nodded.

Well, two days later Fred gets word from Mary and shares the news that Jim was
doing much better; that the scheduled surgery had been cancelled and he was
released from the hospital.   We saw Jim and Mary the following Sunday in church
and he said he was feeling fine believing that God had done what we asked Him to
do.  Jim is healed!!! J

Glory to God!

Healed From Broken Bones in Wrist

In the class where I was working there was a teacher who had her wrist and hand in
a brace.  She was explaining that the doctors said she broke all the small bones
in her wrist and that she had to wear the brace constantly until healed.  She
said it was hot and uncomfortable and that her wrist and hand were still in a
lot of pain.  I asked God to open an opportunity to pray for her.  It was not
easily available because in this particular class we work one on one with the
students.  But God is so faithful, He allowed her and I to be on the playground
together.  This young lady came over to me and put her hand in front of me
saying it was really hurting and uncomfortable.  I laid my hand on hers and told
her I was sorry that it was hurting her and in my head began praying for the
Lord to touch her.   She pulled her hand back and said “wow, it is tingling,
would you do that again?”  I laid my hand back on hers and this time asked the
Lord audibly to heal her hand.  She said it felt warm and really tingly.   She
pulled off the brace and began moving her fingers and said she had not been able
to do that for several weeks now, then she took her thumb and touched each one
of her fingers and said she had not been able to move her thumb without pain,
but there was no pain now.  She was so excited, asked me to pray again and then
thanked me for praying for her.  I just told her that it was just Jesus showing
her how much he loves her.  She smiled.

Miracles Spirit of Glory have witnessed or have been a part of:

Harry at 83 healed from Cancer:

I just returned from a visit with my oncologist who gave me an update on my Cat
Scan of March the 3rd.  It appears that all the nodules witnessed in my previous
three Cat Scans have disappeared.  She was quite confused about this and is
requesting an addendum to the report focusing on that area.

The known tumor in my abdomen has not changed at all, confirming the fact that there
is zero growth.  The small pools of fluid (ascites) that were so prevalent
throughout the abdominal region are now only visible in the lower pelvic
region.  It is through the ascites that this cancer spreads.

My heart, lungs, kidneys, pancreas, and my liver show no evidence of nodules,
pleural masses or effusions.  This means they are normal.

My oncologist appeared to be confused about my progress and has scheduled me for an
additional Cat Scan in mid-July.

God bless you, one and all!  Harry

Beverly Healed from Stage 4B cancer:

Letter from Bill:

I can’t thank you both enough for your concern, your prayers, and your positive
belief that Beverly could survive her Stage 4B cancer.   The doctors gave her a
10-15% chance to survive three years – and she has beaten those odds handily.
According to yesterday’s test results, she is cancer-free.  I’m a positive
person who believes in miracles, but I’ve had some doubts along the way, because
her case had been so dire.

Again, bless your heart for your prayer circle.  Chalk up another win for the
power of prayer.

Delivered from alcohol and drugs:

Testimony from Nancy:

I have to tell you what happened to me since Sept.  I am delivered from alcohol
and drugs and I straighten out and finally in July got a permanent position with
great benefits. So I go to the doctor for blood pressure meds b/c of my weight
gain.  The doctor wrote the prescription for Norvacs and when i dropped it off
at the pharmacy they read it wrong and thought it said Norco which is generic
hydro codeine. I sorta thought that was funny when I looked at the bottle but
thought that is what the doctor ordered. So then another refill in Nov. I called
the doctor one day and asked if I could get a higher dose b/c my blood pressure
is still really high. They said you are on the highest dosage. I carefully
watched what i ate. Complained of dizziness which I thought came along with the
menopause. Whoa is me!  So the refill last week was to call the doctor and when
they called the pharmacy that is how we found out I was on pain killers! The
nurse had called me and
asked me why I was talking pain killers and i said that is what it says on the
bottle!  So then pharmacy waived the new blood meds and I talked to the
corporate office. I have heard of that happening and it happened to me. BUT the
best news is that I got the Victory because Satan hits us in our weakest spots
and I am not addicted and nothing happened to me! Praise God!  He is good!

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Healed:

Letter Form Amanda:

In early May 2007 my vision suddenly went double. I went to the eye doctor and they
told me that my left eye’s outer muscle wasn’t working properly.

They weren’t sure what was causing it, so they ordered some blood tests and an MRI. I
called my dad in TX, who is currently working with Dennis and Tami from Spirit
of Glory, and told him what was happening. He told me that they would pray for
my eye. In the meantime I went to get my MRI. My eye was about 95% better within
6 days and 100% better within 10 days.

My doctors were surprised by this because double vision usually doesn’t heal itself
that quickly. But, my MRI came back and my eye doctor as well as my general
doctor told me I was in the beginning stages of Multiple Sclerosis and that they
wanted me to go to a neurologist who could diagnosis what type of MS I had.
Once again I told my dad, and he said Dennis and Tami were still praying for me.

I went to the neurologist about three weeks later and she shockingly told me
she didn’t think I had MS
. Long story short she said the spots on my brain
were very small and that they could have been from an injury etc. She said there
was no way she could diagnose me with MS for several reasons, but that looking
further into my diplopic was important. So, she ordered a bunch of blood tests
to check for everything from diabetes, lupus, lyme disease, vitamin deficiency,
etc. etc. and a second, more advanced MRI of my brain.

I asked her what my chances were that it was just a fluke occurrence and, of
course being a doctor, she said it would be highly unlikely, but nothing is ever

I called my dad and he told me that Dennis and Tami had predicted the week before
that the neurologist would say that I don’t have MS. But that they were going to
keep praying for my health and for me to be disease free.

My blood tests all came back normal and so did my second MRI. Now I have to get 2
spinal MRI’s. If both of those come back clean, I am in the clear for good
health. With Spirit of Glory behind me the whole way, I am confident that they
will find nothing and I will get a clean bill of health.

I do believe in the power of prayer and am so very grateful for wonderful people like
Dennis and Tami to help people in need. Words can’t express how thankful I am to
them for helping my health come back to normal.

Thank you! God Bless!

Leg Injury Healed:

On one Sunday after Church we went to a local restaurant for lunch.  Shortly after
we had arrived a young man, his wife and his mother were seated at the table
next to us.  He was walking with the assistance of a cane  and was in great pain
(as it turned out the cane belonged to his mother).  As he was sitting down we
asked him what was wrong with his leg.  He indicated that he injured his leg
running a marathon and was planning to see his doctor on Monday, that was why he
was using his mother’s cane.  We then asked him if we could pray for God to heal
his leg, and he said yes.

We laid hands on him and asked God to heal his leg.  After prayer we asked him how
his leg felt and he said it felt better and there was no more pain.  We asked
him to use his leg without the cane and walk around, as he did he said “Wow,
there is no pain” and he could walk with out any assistance.  He sit down and
all continued with lunch.

When he was finished with lunch he thanked us and proceeded up a hill out of the
restaurant, walking with his wife while his mother was carrying her cane, he
didn’t need it any longer; because he was healed by the healing touch of God.

Tumor Gone:

During a conference in Nepal the missionary we were traveling with was calling
out different ailments and diseases, as he called them out, we prayed for the
people in the congregation to be healed.  Close to the end of the conferences a
lady came running forward.   She kept touching her neck exclaiming; “I am
healed, it is gone, I am healed.”.  When we inquired of what it was she had been
healed of  she said she had a large tumor on her neck and now it is gone.  The
gentleman, one of the men of that church, came forward with her to verify the
tumor had been there when she walked in.  God is good!  He healed her!

God Deals in Threes:

The last night of Bill Johnson conference at Church of the Hills, words of knowledge
were called during the healing session, including “lower back injury”, eye
issues and carpal tunnel and along with many others.  One of our friends had all
three of these.  She had cataracts, tail bone injury from 30 years ago and
carpal tunnel in both arms.  A group of us laid hands on her prayed for her for
each injury.  After prayer we had her test her eyes, arms and tail bone and all
three were healed.  God is good!  After the conference her husband said
it looks like he got a new wife ( in jest).