Attitudes are Expressed in How we Behave

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How do you feel about God?

What is your attitude towards Him?

We know that attitudes are expressed in how we behave.   How are you behaving with the Father who created you and desires you so much so that He asked His Son, Jesus Christ, to give His life up for you?   Did you realize that Jesus had a choice?  Well, He was given a choice but to Him, there wasn’t one because of His love for the Father and for us.  It is not that God did not love His Son; for there was no other He was prouder of.  It is because He wants us all together for eternity and Jesus is the only way.

Check your attitude!   How is it expressed?

Here are examples I read somewhere before and would like to share with you:

  • Adoration is expressed in praise
  • Gratitude is expressed in thanksgiving
  • Repentance is expressed in confession
  • Neediness is expressed in dependence
  • Submission is expressed in surrender
  • Commitment is expressed in obedience

How are you doing?   Time to check our attitude!