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Spirit of Glory

Attitudes are Expressed in How we Behave

We know that attitudes are expressed in how we behave. How are you behaving with the Father who created you and desires you so much so that He asked His Son, Jesus Christ to give His life up for you? Did you realize that Jesus had a choice? Well, He was given a choice but to Him there wasn’t one because of His love for the Father and for us.

Spirit of Glory

Core Values: What are they? What are yours?

Core Value: What is it, what does this mean? Breaking it down can help… “Core” is the center, central, most important part of something and “Value” is worth, importance, a standard or standards lived by. So “Core Value” is the central, most important ideal or standard you live by.

Spirit of Glory

The Rapture and Who Will Be Taken…

There are many sermons, articles, social media post and so on regarding the topic of the Rapture. This in my opinion and not “Thus Said the Lord”. After spending a considerable amount of time studying the Bible and using scriptures as a basis, again I am sharing my opinion.

Does God Judge Both the Righteous and the Unrighteous?

The answer is Yes, and I will explain this.

Just take a look at America, in recent years we have banned prayer from school, tried
to remove “The Ten Commandants” from government buildings, tried to take Christ
out of Christmas, remove “In God We Trust” on our currency and more. We have
gone too far from our founding principle “In God We Trust” and gone against His
commandants and precepts; we have legalized abominations, shed innocent blood
(abortion) and approved same sex marriages.