You Know That You Are In The Army of God!

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If you are a believer in Jesus Christ, then you a part of the army of God! The battles we fight are the spiritual world and the natural world. We are given a spirit of boldness it is how we use it that will determine what battles we win. if we don’t win, satan wins!

We look at the state of the world some might say that Christians are losing, because of all the evil that exists today. Many Christians today are lukewarm and complacent and as a result, and don’t realize that we losing the Nation! We need Christians to rise with the backbone to fight to win (we are in a spiritual battle), again if we lose Satan wins, and our Nation is lost!

We need to win in local, state, and federal elections. We need to influence local and national companies to stand up for our nation not just their pocketbooks.

I’m not asking anyone to get into a physical fight but remain respectful and hold your ground. The real fight is to defeat Satan because we fight spiritual battles in a spiritual world. The battle is yours when you realize the authority and power you have as a believer in Christ. Please reference two of my posts; “You Are A Triple-Threat To Satan” and “Why are you afraid of Satan”.

Many Christians still believe America Will Be Saved! Are you one of those who believe our nation is worth saving…then stand up with boldness and declare “America Will be Saved!”

If you don’t know Jesus, Jesus died for everyone and made it simple, just call on the name of Jesus and you will be saved