Look In The Mirror, What Do You See?

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That is a good question. When I look in the mirror I see myself and what I look like.

How do others see me:

  • Man, you are getting old!
  • Is gray hair in style?
  • You are really skinny, eat something!
  • Are you still wearing Hawaiian shirts?
  • And it goes on and on…

That was not good at all!

However, what does God see when He looks at me:

  • Righteous
  • Child of God
  • Blameless
  • Forgiven
  • Heir to His Kingdom
  • Apple of His eye
  • Justified
  • Perfect (because I was created in His Image)
  • White as snow (because I washed in the blood of Jesus)
  • Purposed
  • Gifted
  • Eternal life with Him
  • And more…

Wow, that was refreshing and a lot better!

So…what does God see when He looks at you:

  • Does He see you as righteous?
  • Do you know where you’ll spend eternity?
  • Are you white as snow?
  • Are you an heir to His Kingdom?
  • Do you know what He sees when He looks at you?
  • Do you know that He loves you, wants the best for you, wants to be with you/
  • Have you decided if you want to be with Hi

Do you know, do you really know what God sees when He looks at you?

There is no better time to make sure!

If you or your family members do not know Jesus, remember Jesus died for everyone and made it simple. Call on the name of Jesus and you shall be saved. Then, you will be in Heaven with all other believers!

After you have taken that step of Salvation, your list of how God sees you will be similar to mine.

Blessings, Spirit of Glory