The Loving Tree

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Yes, God loves us that much and Jesus loves us that much.   God sent Jesus and Jesus chose the cross (Isaiah 53:10 “If He would render Himself as a guilt offering…).  He chose the cross because of “LOVE”.    Romans 5:8 “8But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.”  Yes, while we were sinners, He chose the cross.  He did not wait till we straightened up our lives…no, He died for us while we were still rebellious towards God.  Can you comprehend this kind of love?   John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

“Agape” kind of love is what this is….love that is totally selfless.  We are to have that kind of love for one another.  God says in 1 John 4:8-10 that the one who does not love does not know God, for God is love.  Those who love God’s love are manifested within them so that we might live through His Son, Jesus Christ whom He sent from Heaven into this world.  This is love!   And it is not that we had the market cornered on “love”; it is because God loved us first (1 John 4:19) and He sent His Son to be the propitiation for our sins; not ours alone but for the whole world.  And you ask what propitiation is?   It is to be a mediator between two opposing parties…our disobedience towards God which keeps us separated from Him and His love for us by which He wants us with Him…together.  Propitiation is to get support or friendship back.  God has always planned for us to have a relationship with Him and Jesus was the way to restore that broken relationship that is caused by sin.  It was the act upon that cross that solidified our ability to be in God’s presence again; to be a servant, a friend, a son/daughter of God’s, and build a relationship again to become a lover of God’s.  

Jesus tells us that just as the Father loved Him, He also loves us.  If we keep His commandments, we will abide in His love just like He abides in the Father’s love and kept the Father’s commandments.  John 15:9-17 tells us just that and that Jesus wishes for His joy to be made complete in us.   He tells us that we are to love one another just as He loves us.  He laid His life down for us and we are to do the same for one another.  A “Loving Tree”, where Christ died for you and for me.  And those who believe in Him and this wonderful love, He calls “FRIEND”.  Yes, we are friends of Jesus.  And He shares all that He has with Father God with us.  Is your heart feeling tugged upon?   Can you hear Him calling?  He is calling out to you.  We never choose Him first, He chooses us.  Answer Him, choose Him now and you will be saved!  There is no better or more important call to answer.  Remember, He did die on the cross for the world, but He would have hung on that tree even if there were no one else but you.  You are worth it to Him.   He loves you!