FlashPoint: Speak Up! Disney, W.H.O. & New World Order 

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W.H.O. is having a meeting this week (22-28 May 2022) in Geneva to get more power over all sovereign nations like the USA. We will have US representation, however, if we give in and agree to W.H.O.’s proposal the USA will give up our sovereignty as a nation. This gives the W.H.O. the right to make decisions for the USA and other nations. W.H.O. then can make unilateral decisions with or without our consent. They can impose restrictions/rules on what we can do and what we are as a nation!

This is serious this will take our sovereignty away as a nation! Please pray and contact your congressman to say NO, at 212-224-3121, they will direct you to the correct Senator or Representative. Don’t let our government let this happen without Senate approval!

The Seventy-fifth World Health Assembly is being held in Geneva, Switzerland, on 22-28 May 2022. It is the first in-person Health Assembly since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Watch this Flashpoint video, this will give you a better understanding of what is at stake.

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