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Spirit of Glory

FlashPoint LIVE Omaha | Mike Lindell, America & The Church (9/15/22)

I will be joined by Hank Kunneman, Eric Metaxas, Dutch Sheets and Mike Lindell for a powerful night of discussion. We’ll talk from a biblical and prophetic perspective about current events, our nation—indeed the world—and provide insights into how we can take our stand for this nation and for our God. If you are not able to join us live, watching FlashPoint LIVE on VICTORY Channel is the next best thing. There’s no distance in the spirit, so join your faith with ours for this special night. Thank you for standing with us as part of the FlashPoint Army, Dennis, and for engaging and helping make a difference!

Spirit of Glory

FlashPoint: MAGA, A Threat to the Nation?​ 

Up for discussion, tonight will be the very divisive speech made last week by President Biden as well as the corresponding fallout coming from all sides. Also…what about the continued press for green energy in the face of evidence that shows it’s not ready for prime time? I’ll also talk with Terri Hasdorff about her new book, Running Into the Fire: Why More Christians Need to be Involved in Politics.

Spirit of Glory

FlashPoint: ​FBI Crisis & Drag Show For Kids? 

We have lots to dig into, such as the concerted efforts against conservatives, using names like extremist and fascist for people who love their country and love the Lord. We’ll talk about this as well as the continued introduction of activities and policies in the schools that are completely inappropriate for our children. We’ll also share perspectives about the fallout from the Mar-a-Lago raid and its larger implications.

Spirit of Glory

The Prophetic: How We Got Here.

Just how inquiring minds want to know, itching ears want to hear, and that’s part of the problem! Dr. Lance Wallnau and Mercedes Sparks discuss the differences between the prophetic movements of the 1960s and ‘70s and modern prophetic movements. Prophets judge and that’s exactly what Dr. Lance does in this long-format conversation about the levels of the prophetic. “If you’re so shallow that your faith is overturned by a prophet… you needed the Word, not prophecy!”

FlashPoint LIVE Fort Worth | The Turning Point!​ (7/31/22)

First off, thank you to the thousands of you that joined us in Fort Worth for a very special FlashPoint LIVE! In addition to the regulars: Lance Wallnau, Mario Murillo and Hank Kunneman, Charlie Kirk delivered a POWERFUL message. We also had special visits from Duane “Dog” Chapman, Pastor Mark Burns and country star Josh Weathers! It was wonderful to celebrate this country and be encouraged together. If you haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, be sure you do!