FlashPoint: Vaccine Update, Look At The Facts! | Dr. McCullough

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I want to talk to them about the latest regarding COVID and vaccines—including vaccines for children. I also want to hear about McCullough’s new book with John Leake called The Courage To Face COVID-19.

On Thursday we welcome back two guests: Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Avery Jackson. to the program.McCullough
Prayer Points
This week’s topics to pray over: Our response to the agitation, unrest, and corporate response to the overturning of Roe v. WadeThe safety our our Supreme Court justices and quelling the calls to pack the courts vital requirement of safe and honest elections in our nation.This week’s prayer of agreement:
 Today we intercede for all believers: may we all thirst for You and Your righteousness. May we all truly walk in the love of Christ toward others; may we increase our patience and kindness; that we not be self-seeking nor easily angered; may we keep no record of wrongs. We thank You for Your wisdom in order that we do not fall prey to empty philosophies and high-sounding concepts that come from human thinking and the spiritual powers of this world and not those of Christ. May all believers—and pastors—focus on preaching the gospel and making disciples—truly serving as a light for the world, the hands and feet bringing salvation to the ends of the earth. We thank You for this constitutional republic, and for the framework with which You led it to be created. We lift up those who handle our elections and pray that they walk in integrity, and for this nation’s people to be able to have confidence that our elections are safe and secure.Scripture references:      Matthew 5:6, 28:19-20; Ezekiel 36:26; Romans 12:2, 13:1-2; 1 Corinthians 13:4-5; Colossians 2:8; Acts 13:47; Proverbs 10:9

If you or your family members do not know Jesus, remember Jesus died for everyone and made it simple. Call on the name of Jesus and you shall be saved. Then, you will be in Heaven with all other believers!