The Oil of Joy | Give Him 15: Daily Prayer with Dutch

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The Oil of Joy

I spoke to you last week about the shaking that will continue as God allows America’s decisions to bear their fruit. I also mentioned that simultaneously, the momentum of Holy Spirit’s outpouring will intensify. Believers can prosper in the shaking. My brother, Tim Sheets, recently delivered a strong word confirming this. Tim shares:

“The body of Christ is in a strategic God-planned time. God is leading His people into an awesome new era. He has not abdicated His throne or submitted His Kingdom to the government of man, a political party or to a league of nations. He is going to clearly show He has not handed over the deed of the earth. He will demonstrate again that He is the supreme potentate, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Holy Spirit is orchestrating this planned season and leading the lives of those who willingly follow Him.

“The Ekklesia needs to remain engaged and be vigilant concerning spiritual matters in our times. 1 Chronicles 12:32 tells us the sons of Issachar understood the times they were living in and knew what they ought to do. Holy Spirit can anoint our eyes to see, our ears to hear and help us discern the right course to take. He will give wisdom, insight and guidance in distinguishing between options.

“We are also instructed in Ezekiel 3:17 to embrace the call to be watchmen. Holy Spirit will give us the watchman’s anointing to hear the Word of the Lord and warn others. This is a holy calling that must not be compromised. The watchman calling can be difficult at times as we fight in spiritual battles, but all believers bear this responsibility. In the times we are living in, it is vital to hear and obey the Word of the Lord.

“Holy Spirit has revealed that something incredible is unfolding. Its conception is in the genius ability of God. There is creativity being released that only God can generate. Plans of the Godhead are emerging and creating a different atmosphere for His heirs. Strategies, awakening, and reformation will now rise with Holy Spirit passion. A divine merger of the Kingdom of Heaven with Christ’s Kingdom in the earth realm is underway and gaining momentum. You can’t see momentum, but you can feel it and I feel it starting to rise. This will cause an anointing and activation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

“This anointing will be beneficial to the body of Christ at large, as well as to individual believers. This will be incredibly significant producing great success. Words of wisdom and knowledge will reach higher levels. Gifts of healing and miracles will amp up. Prophecy, as well as clarity in prophecy, will also amp up. The gift of faith will increase to much higher levels and activate dramatic miracles of Biblical proportion.

“Those in five-fold ministry who refuse to compromise a Biblical standard will also operate at a much higher level. Evangelists will function with great passion and anointing because we are entering a supernatural season of great harvest. Pastors, teachers, prophets and apostles will see heightened clarity and anointing to function in their callings as the merging of heaven and earth releases the will of God on the earth.

“As Christ’s Kingdom is accelerating and amping up, Holy Spirit is also invigorating the lives of His saints. New eras of Holy Spirit activity always bring energized hope and fresh breath. Life surges into believers as the increased presence of the Lord comes to them. Holy Spirit administers this with the outpouring of ‘the oil of joy.’ When you are anointed with the oil of joy, you will be equipped to operate extraordinarily.

“A supernatural atmosphere heightens anticipation and replaces hope deferred. Change is coming, not just to a nation but also to we, His heirs. Fresh breath and wind is being breathed into the remnant and numb feelings are coming to life. Lives will be realigned in extraordinary ways. Resurrection life is being released and like Lazarus, grave clothes are falling off God’s people. Places of burial are becoming places of testimony. He is giving beauty for ashes and turning mourning into joy.

“Stagnant gifts are coming to life and souls are being restored. Lost purpose is being reignited and tired prophets are finding their voice again. Those who have hung their harps on willow trees, only using them to play funeral dirges will sing new songs of praise. ‘He put a new song in my mouth. A hymn of praise unto my God. Many will see and fear and put their trust in the Lord’ (Psalm 40:3). The spiritual force of joy is being activated from God’s glory surges and filling those who have lost the joy of their salvation. Holy Spirit is pouring out the oil of joy. You will be refreshed, invigorated, filled with hope and expectation…