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Spirit of Glory

FlashPoint: Revival & Prophetic Update (1/19/23)

Hank Kunneman, Dutch Sheets and Tony Suarez joined me for a night of revival—salvations, miracles, healings—like I have not yet experienced on the program. Only the Lord could have orchestrated it. More than a thousand of you called in for prayer, and we saw (and continue to see today on social media) thousands of you engaging, praying for one another, sharing your prodigal sons and daughters’ names, and truly illustrating what it means to have unity in the brethren. It is a privilege and an honor to be part of something like that.

Is God Sovereign? | Give Him 15: Daily Prayer with Dutch 

Is God Sovereign? My intent with this post is not to open a theological can of worms. I am certainly not the final voice on all things theological. I do want to make a very important point regarding theology, however: The sovereignty of God does not mean He controls everything that takes place on earth. This should be obvious, but a religious mindset perme

In Hope Against Hope, He Believed | Give Him 15: Daily Prayer with Dutch

First of all, I’m as convinced as I’ve ever been that we will see a sweeping revival and reformation in our nation. This includes the restoration of our God-given assignment to the nations of the world. These things – revival, reformation, and restoration – are what the statement “America shall be saved” means to me. My first allegiance is to the Kingdom of God, not the United States, and always will be. However, I do love America with what I am confident is a God-given love.

Spirit of Glory

FlashPoint: The Fight for Truth & Freedom 

Hank Kunneman, Floyd Brown, Mike Lindell, Rick Green, and first-time guest Captain Seth Keshel discussed at length what is really going on with the prolonged speaker of the house vote…spoiler alert: it is not what mainstream media would have you believe! Change often looks messy, doesn’t it? We need to position ourselves as intercessors, to be praying about what is happening on Capitol Hill and praying for the leaders that God wants in these positions. As Floyd Brown exhorted us

Spirit of Glory


As a Patriot of faith, I attest my allegiance first and foremost to the kingdom of God and the Great Commission. Secondly, I agree to be a watchman over our nation concerning its people and their rights to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness—WHEREAS• we, the Church, are God’s governing Body on the earth• we have been given legal power from heaven and now exercise our authority• we are God’s ambassadors and spokespeople over the earth• through the power of God, we are the world influencers• because of our covenant with God, we are equipped and delegated by Him to destroy every attempted advance of the enemy

The Oil of Joy | Give Him 15: Daily Prayer with Dutch

“The body of Christ is in a strategic God-planned time. God is leading His people into an awesome new era. He has not abdicated His throne or submitted His Kingdom to the government of man, a political party or to a league of nations. He is going to clearly show He has not handed over the deed of the earth. He will demonstrate again that He is the supreme potentate, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Holy Spirit is orchestrating this planned season and leading the lives of those who willingly follow Him.

The Current Assault Against Biblical Marriage | Give Him 15: Daily Prayer with Dutch

The Current Assault Against Biblical Marriage. Sixty-plus years of the church’s refusal to involve itself in government and culture, coupled with the indoctrination of two generations of Americans by a godless, leftist education system, is taking its toll. America’s biggest internal battles now center around life, gender, marriage, and family, all established by God in the very first chapter of Genesis. The battle for America’s soul has made its way back to the absolute basics of existence.

Further Thoughts On the Mid-term Elections | Give Him 15: Daily Prayer with Dutch 

Thank you Dutch for this mornings teaching. I believe we were disappointed, but we will not quit believing that all evil will be exposed and brought to justice. I agree, declare and decree with you Dutch that Abba Father will continue with His plans and we the ekklesia will stand against evil. We will see the 3rd Great Awakening Revival will come to pass and this generation will see it. America and Be blessed everyone