FlashPoint: The Fight for Truth & Freedom 

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Hank Kunneman, Floyd Brown, Mike Lindell, Rick Green, and first-time guest Captain Seth Keshel discussed at length what is really going on with the prolonged speaker of the house vote…spoiler alert: it is not what mainstream media would have you believe! Change often looks messy, doesn’t it? We need to position ourselves as intercessors, to be praying about what is happening on Capitol Hill and praying for the leaders that God wants in these positions. As Floyd Brown exhorted us:
If we come together—the FlashPoint Army—in that kind of collective prayer, great things will happen because God will honor that!
We really are that last line of defense, Dennis, so let’s take every opportunity we have to do all we can! Below you can download a copy of Capt. Keshel’s Ten Points To True Election Integrity that we shared last night on the program.