Culture War? Libs of Tik Tok Exposing the Truth! 

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Culture War? Libs of Tik Tok Exposing the Truth. Full episode:

On Thursday, it was a pleasure to talk to several newcomers to FlashPoint: Brent McCorkle, Chaya Raichik and Trent Talbot; along with two of your favorites and mine, Lance Wallnau and Rick Green. We rejoiced with McCorkle, co-director of Jesus Revolution, at how the movie is still going strong in theaters across the country and has been picked up by Sony for global release. The Word is getting out! If you haven’t seen it yet, visit JesusRevolution.Movie and find out where it’s playing near you. I’m planning to go again.

If are you on Twitter, then you’ve probably seen “Libs of Tik Tok.” Last night we got to meet the person behind the account, the courageous Chaya Raichik. She tirelessly exposes dangerous behaviors aimed at our children. Hear why Rick Green says she’s “an absolute hero who strikes a blow against the enemy and for the forces of good every day….She proves one person can make a massive difference.” 

Thank you Jesus for this brave woman who’s exposing the agenda that intends to destroy children. Please protect her and every child in Jesus mighty name amen

Trent Talbot, CEO of Brave Books, talked about Raichik’s new book, No More Secrets, along with what Brave Books’ vision is and their decisions are about not caving to cancel culture in the face of corporate censorship.  

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