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Spirit of Glory

Calling All The Prodigals To Come Home!

I wonder how many prodigals there are in the entire world who need to return and fill their destiny? I assume a lot! At some point in your life, you accepted Jesus as your Saviour, then something or someone caused you to lose faith, and you walked away.

Spirit of Glory

Law, Faith, and Grace

So many, including yours truly at one time, struggle with this….law…faith and grace.
I recently took a class “Hayesod”, a Hebrew word meaning “The Foundation”; understanding Hebraic roots and Gentile roots as sons and daughters of the Highest God. There is controversy about this type of study. It seems this controversy is nothing new; for there was a controversy between Paul and other disciples about Jewish and Gentile believers.

Spirit of Glory

Core Values: What are they? What are yours?

Core Value: What is it, what does this mean? Breaking it down can help… “Core” is the center, central, most important part of something and “Value” is worth, importance, a standard or standards lived by. So “Core Value” is the central, most important ideal or standard you live by.