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Spirit of Glory

WARNING! What You DON’T KNOW About This MULTI-BILLION-DOLLAR Industry | Leslie King 

Since 2005, Leslie King and her organization Sacred Beginnings have served more than 2000 residents in transition homes, and reached more than 20 thousand people through street outreach—taking them away from the horrors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Leslie’s a survivor herself, and her story is one of courage, determination, and her care for the most vulnerable among us.

Spirit of Glory

Leveraging the Law to RESCUE Trafficking Victims | Nate Knapper

Nate Knapper is the Founder and CEO of The Joseph Project. As a federal law enforcement officer, he served on a Detroit-based anti-trafficking squad, where he investigated human trafficking and child exploitation matters. Now he leverages the law to rescue trafficking victims. Don’t miss this inspiring interview.