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Spirit of Glory

INFILTRATING TALIBAN LINES to RESCUE Afghan Interpreter | Chad Robichaux & Aziz 

https://youtu.be/3dDe1cqafRwChad Robichaux’s new book, “Saving Aziz,” is the story of the Afghan interpreter who joined him on over a hundred dangerous Marine missions, and the fight to save him and his family from the Taliban after the botched pull-out. It’s an incredible story of daring, determination, and devotion. Don’t miss Chad Robichaux and Aziz here on Huckabee.

Spirit of Glory

WARNING! What You DON’T KNOW About This MULTI-BILLION-DOLLAR Industry | Leslie King 

Since 2005, Leslie King and her organization Sacred Beginnings have served more than 2000 residents in transition homes, and reached more than 20 thousand people through street outreach—taking them away from the horrors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Leslie’s a survivor herself, and her story is one of courage, determination, and her care for the most vulnerable among us.

Spirit of Glory

EXCLUSIVE: Nancy Mace Teaches Democrat Activist a Valuable Lesson

Congresswoman Nancy Mace grew up in the Lowcountry. She is the daughter of a retired Army General and retired school teacher. Before being sworn into Congress, Nancy earned accolades as one of the most fiscally conservative members of the South Carolina General Assembly. She’s also one of the most pro-conservation lawmakers in the state of South Carolina. Rep. Mace joins Mike Huckabee to discuss cybersecurity threats to America and a lot more.

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Fighting CANCEL CULTURE with a BANK | Mary Fallin-Christensen

What if having the “wrong” political views could get you canceled–not just from social media, but from your bank? Mary Fallin-Christensen served two terms as governor of Oklahoma, and now she’s a board member of a brand new bank that aims to help patriots stash their cash without fear of being canceled for their political views. Don’t miss her insightful interview!

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He Tells the Story of Jesus with SAND | Sand Artist Joe Castillo

Joe Castillo is a pastor, author, and a remarkable artist whose work never fails to move and inspire his audience. He’s performed in over 20 nations and on many TV shows, including the finals of “America’s Got Talent.” He joins the Huckabee stage to provide us with a beautiful symbol of Christmas. Don’t miss it!

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Congresswoman Mary Miller represents the 15th District of Illinois in the U-S House of Representatives, where she serves on the Agriculture Committee and Education & Labor Committee. Now, as Republicans take over the House in January, she says they’ll be investigating the Biden family’s extensive, multi-million-dollar business dealings in China, Russia, and Ukraine.

NO! This Was NOT HUNTER BIDEN Mike Huckabee

Mike Huckabee is, once again, watching the news so you don’t have to! He’s got a weird roundup of headlines this time, covering everything from crazy protestors to a french fry-loving camel. Don’t miss this week’s episode of “In Case You Missed It” here on Huckabee!

Is it Too Early to Predict?] DOOMSDAY For DEMOCRATS! 

On the Huckabee show, Guy Reschenthaler represents Pennsylvania’s 14th District in the U-S Congress. He says Republicans have a plan to reverse the damage that’s made Americans poorer and put the country deeper in debt. Michael Knowles is hard at work restoring America. He hosts the Michael Knowles show over at the Daily Wire and you don’t want to miss his exclusive interview! Angela Chapman joins Mike Huckabee to discuss the “New Leash on Life” organization, which focuses on the adoption of older pets. Matt Baker and Natasha Owens also showcase their incredible performances.

Why I Trust This Poll | John McLaughlin | Huckabee

John McLaughlin is a political strategist and pollster with more than 40 years of experience, and he’s earned a reputation for helping to win some of the toughest elections in the country and even overseas. The midterm elections, less than 2 weeks away, have Biden big government socialists fighting for their majorities. Catch his informative interview here on Huckabee!