I Came Across a Cooking Show…

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 I was channel surfing and I came across a cooking show, so I stopped to see what they were doing.  They had sixteen aspiring chiefs and they were part of cook-off and the winner would get his our cooking show.   They displayed the contestants an assortment of limited meats, poultry, seafood and other exotic items (like snake and eel) that they would access to.  On the table was a knife holder that had sixteen cleavers with a number on it.  Each contestant drew a cleaver and the number on it would determine the order that each contestant would be able to select the items that they were to prepare.  Obviously the lowest number anyone had they get best selection of items to prepare.

Then the next step was to decide what to prepare and then they would be judged.  Each contestant was allowed only two hours to prepare the meal to be judged.  If any of the contestant were not ready before the two hours limit they were gone, no second chance!

Some selected seafood while others selected meats and some went for the more exotic items with snake and eel.  Once the selection was made they had some time to select the side dishes that would complement the entrée which they had selected.

The first eight of the contestants were to start first while the remaining eight waited in another room.

The two hour clock started the contestants started scurrying around preparing and cooking the entrees and side dishes.  I can only image that they might have vision and dreams of the winning the getting the prize the ultimate reward, their own show. 

I noticed one of he contestants was whistling and moving a slower pace that the others.  It appeared that he knew what was he doing and what he wanted to do and was going about cooking with all the right motions.  However, his time was running out and it appeared he would not be ready.  He stepped up his paced to no avail his two hours ran out and he was not prepared, he was not ready.  He was gone, no more time, it was over for him!

Sometimes our lives are like that two hour clock; we seek and follow our dreams hoping that will get us the rewards that we are looking for.  We believe that we are prepared and we are ready, then all of a sudden we are out of time we are gone, it is over! 

The best preparation that any one could do is to have assurance that when your time is over that you will know where you will spend eternity.  Life’s clock is ticking, are you ready?

We spend a life time searching and preparing, when it is that simple act of faith that of trusting in Jesus will determine where you will be, no matter when the clock stops and you are gone!

John 3:16. “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”

Trust in Jesus, He is all we need.