Kari Lake & Mike Lindell | FlashPoint Phoenix Day 2

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FlashPoint is joined by Mario Murillo, Hank Kunneman and Lance Wallnau, as well as special guests Dutch Sheets and Sean Feucht, to kick off this epic, two-night finale of the Take America Back Tour.

We’ll be talking about what matters in the spirit of faith, dissecting the issues critical to our nation and the world—and sharing truth and hope from a biblical perspective.

Day 2 Day Gene Bailey will be joined by Lance Wallnau, Mario Murillo, Hank Kunnemean, Sean Feucht, Dutch Sheets, Pastor Mark Burns, Floyd Brown, David Harris Jr., Mike Lindell, Kari Lake.

If you or your family members do not know Jesus, remember Jesus died for everyone and made it simple. Call on the name of Jesus and you shall be saved. Then, you will be in Heaven with all other believers!