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Spirit of Glory

23 Minutes In Hell: Bill Wiese Revisits The Shocking Details Of His Horrifying Experience

Imagine experiencing hell and living to tell about it! Quiet and reserved, @BillWieseTV was a successful businessman who believed in Jesus, but when God allowed him to experience the fate of an unbeliever, everything changed! Hear how Bill was unexpectedly transported into the abyss and the 23-minute encounter that proves hell is more horrifying than anyone could ever imagine

Spirit of Glory

Can the Good, Bad, and Ugly be saved?

I grew up in a military family, my dad was a flight engineer in the Air Force. My mother made sure that I and my brothers went to Sunday School whenever base we were stationed at.As a teenager, my dad retired and we moved to a rural (farm) community in the midwest. As soon we were settled my mom got us involved local church that had a youth group for teenagers.