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The Rapture, Let’s Talk About It: Jimmy Evans Talks End Times and Your Important Role Now

The rapture, the antichrist, and the tribulation period… why is it important to talk about the End Times and what is your role in all of it? Pastor @JimmyEvans is back at the table to reveal this and more as he shares eye-opening information on the last days

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Critical End Times Update: Jimmy Evans Talks Israel, Artificial Wombs, A.I. Agenda & More

Why do the current advancements in international affairs and technology matter, and how do they relate to the end times? Pastor Jimmy Evans uncovers the latest on some of the most controversial topics in the headlines, including Israel, A.I. advancements, the world’s first Artificial Womb Facility & more.

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A Word About 2023: The Numerical & Prophetic Significance of This New Year with Troy Brewer

With a new vear come new blessings & challenges… so what can we expect in 2023? Pastor @TroyBrewer is back at the table, revealing the numerical & prophetic significance of this year, the important differences between the Hebrew & Gregorian calendars, and more! Find out why you can look forward with expectancy this year, and hear some really good news for those old dreams you may have given up on or forgotten about

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23 Minutes In Hell: Bill Wiese Revisits The Shocking Details Of His Horrifying Experience

Imagine experiencing hell and living to tell about it! Quiet and reserved, @BillWieseTV was a successful businessman who believed in Jesus, but when God allowed him to experience the fate of an unbeliever, everything changed! Hear how Bill was unexpectedly transported into the abyss and the 23-minute encounter that proves hell is more horrifying than anyone could ever imagine

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Beyond the Galaxies, Understanding Heaven: What the Bible Reveals About Eternity with Perry Stone

The gift of knowing Jesus is eternal life, but what does Scripture actually say about our forever home? Pastor @PerryStoneMinistries reveals deep mysteries of Heaven from the Bible, like its shocking geographical location, language, composition & more! Hear the revelation that will have you looking forward to eternity with great expectancy!

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Are the Seven Seals Prophecy Unfolding? How Global Events Point to A Final Countdown with Perry Stone

Are we on the verge of the most turbulent time in history? Pastor @PerryStoneMinistries uncovers one of the most important prophecies in the Book of Revelation and the current global events tied to its unfolding! Listen as he answers some of the biggest questions people are asking about the end times and what to expect in the revealing of the final countdown!

Far-Fetched Prophecies or Coming Events? Jimmy Evans & Lance Wallnau Talk John Paul Jackson

John Paul Jackson was one of the most prolific prophetic voices of our generation and over a decade ago, he released a series of inconceivable headlines warning America of days to come… Tipping Point with Jimmy Evans & Lance Wallnau Show examines the late John Paul Jackson’s perfect storm prophecy and reveal how what once seem far-fetched is now becoming a reality.