FlashPoint: What’s Next? Featuring Benjamin Netanyahu

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In addition, I will be joined by an anointed panel of knowledgeable guests: Lance Wallnau, John Graves and Jesse Duplantis.

Tonight we will talk about the latest election results from across the country. We will also unpack what happened in Arizona….There are many reports of a connection between the now-bankrupt FTX cryptocurrency, Ukraine, and donations to Democrats during this election cycle. We will talk about the possible implications it had last week, along with how this story may affect elections going forward.

And finally…all eyes are on Mar-a-Lago tonight as it is believed Donald J. Trump will announce his intention to run for president again in 2024. With the constant pressure against him from the mainstream media, will his message still resonate with voters around the country? Tonight our panel will discuss all this and more….

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