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FlashPoint: The Donald Trump Interview | Part 1 & 2

Tonight I have the privilege of sharing the entirety of my sit-down interview with Donald J. Trump, the 45th president of the United States. In this candid conversation, he shared some of his personal story with us, we discussed current headlines and politics, and talked about his new book, Letters to Trump. The book offers a fascinating glimpse into personal letters he’s received from actors, politicians and world leaders over the years.

FlashPoint: Mainstream Media Meltdown! 

Tonight on FlashPoint, I’ll be joined by a deep and dynamic panel including Hank Kunneman, Abby Johnson, Lance Wallnau, Russell Johnson and Jim Tomlin. And looking ahead to Thursday, we’ve confirmed Rick Green and Mark Meckler for the program. We’ll discuss the latest headlines and so much more.

FlashPoint: More People Are Waking Up!

On Thursday’s broadcast, former New Hampshire Congressional Candidate Karoline Leavitt joined us to share how young voters are voting today—and what it means for conservatives. Political strategist Luke Ball and John Graves also filled our panel to discuss why these young men and women are yearning for the peace and prosperity of the Trump years.

FlashPoint: Total Injustice! Dutch Sheets & Trump Reaction

On tomorrow night’s program, I will be speaking with Hank Kunneman, Jesse Duplantis and Dutch Sheets (other guests TBD). We will discuss the scheduled arrest and arraignment of #45, we’ll follow up on the latest details about the Nashville shooting, and the fact that NBC ordered their newsrooms to avoid any mention of gender identity.

FlashPoint: Jesus Revolution & Changing America w/ John Rich 

Have you ever been curious about Awakenings and Revivals? From the Welsh Revival where 100,000 found Christ and their entire nation was completely changed to the American Awakenings where God restored lives and even changed the path America was on, we are hungry to know more! In America’s Laymen’s Revival, one million people found Christ! With the Azusa Street Revival, revival fires then and now reverberated around the world. Come explore with Dr. Gene Bailey as we discover Revival Fires popping up all over the world

Be an Angel to Someone! Roma Downey on FlashPoint

welcomed two first-time guests on the program Thursday night. Roma Downey, actress, producer and author, known for her role in “Touched By an Angel,” discussed her new devotional, Be an Angel. It is always a timely word to talk about the importance—and impact—of kindness in the live of believers. 

The Key to Revival in America

How God is calling His people to revival. How the role of a pastor has been under fire more than ever—and how today’s pastors need to respond. Why we MUST take back the mountains of media from the principalities, powers and rulers of darkness (Ephesians 6) What we’re expecting to happen in Pensacola, Fla., this next week