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FlashPoint: Jesus Revolution & Changing America w/ John Rich 

Have you ever been curious about Awakenings and Revivals? From the Welsh Revival where 100,000 found Christ and their entire nation was completely changed to the American Awakenings where God restored lives and even changed the path America was on, we are hungry to know more! In America’s Laymen’s Revival, one million people found Christ! With the Azusa Street Revival, revival fires then and now reverberated around the world. Come explore with Dr. Gene Bailey as we discover Revival Fires popping up all over the world

FlashPoint: What’s Next? Featuring Benjamin Netanyahu

Tonight we will talk about the latest election results from across the country. We will also unpack what happened in Arizona….There are many reports of a connection between the now-bankrupt FTX cryptocurrency, Ukraine, and donations to Democrats during this election cycle. We will talk about the possible implications it had last week, along with how this story may affect elections going forward…