Be an Angel to Someone! Roma Downey on FlashPoint

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welcomed two first-time guests on the program Thursday night. Roma Downey, actress, producer and author, known for her role in “Touched By an Angel,” discussed her new devotional, Be an Angel. It is always a timely word to talk about the importance—and impact—of kindness in the live of believers. 

I also enjoyed bringing Roberts Liardon, author of God’s Generals, to FlashPoint and to all of you. Along with Pastor Rob McCoy and Pastor Hank Kunneman, we discussed the current status of things in Asbury and the broader nature of revival and what it requires! As believers, the most important thing is that we not quench the Holy Spirit. We’ve been praying for revival for years…now that it is here, do we call it inconvenient?

We also dove into the after effects of East Palestine, Trump’s visit there, other disastrous occurrences in the U.S. and what it all means. 

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