Are You Ready and Prepared For The Last Days, I Hope So…

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Given the state of the world, I believe we are in the Last Days.  What does that mean?   We are very close to the return of Jesus.  I am serious, I have followed Bible Prophecy since I was a teenager. I have written several blogs on Spirit of Glory about the End-Times.

The US has become a nation of lawlessness, with riots, increased murders, rapidly rising crime rates, and increased illegal aliens. We have truly lost sight of who God is, His righteousness, and what truth really is.  His Truth is the only Truth.

 The US government has issued illegal mandates that force US citizens to comply or lose their jobs, businesses, shops, or ability to travel. As we look at the End of Days, we see now a prelude to what will happen during the 7- year Tribulation; drugs, famine, shortages, lost jobs, crime, lawlessness, corruption, loss of value for life and one another, … so much evil.

The Bible prophesies are being fulfilled indicating that the time for the End Times is near, very near!  Next the Rapture and the Tribulation.

I want to remind you of the time we are in, and that End Times prophecies are being fulfilled.  And want to make you know Jesus as your Savior!

I have included 3 posts from I am not sending this to scare you but to make you aware that we are in the Last Days:

Again, only God knows when all this will happen, however, all this is pointing to the Last Days. All this can be followed using Bible Scripture.  This should give you great joy for the time of eternal life is close at hand.  Heaven ~ is full of joy, peace, love, and life.  The life God planned for us from the beginning of time. As believers, we can be joyful and full of hope.

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If you or your family members do not know Jesus, remember Jesus died for everyone and made it simple. Call on the name of Jesus and you shall be saved. Then, you will be in Heaven with all other believers!