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Spirit of Glory

Are You Ready and Prepared For The Last Days, I Hope So…

Given the state of the world, I believe we are in the Last Days.  What does that mean?   We are very close to the return of Jesus.  I am serious, I have followed Bible Prophecy since I was a teenager. I have written several blogs on Spirit of Glory about the End-Times.

Those Who Survive Real Life with Jack Hibbs

What happens to planet Earth after the destruction that takes place during the tribulation? Hear from some Bible verses that speak on God’s Wrath and what happens to those that survive through the end of the tribulation. Listen to Pastor Jack answer a few of your questions and more on this episode.

Spirit of Glory

Two Major Signs Before the Return of Jesus…

In previous posts, we have discussed the fulfillment of remaining signs that would lead to the return of Jesus and calling His Church (Bride) home (heaven). Let’s talk about those two:
First: Outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Joel 2:28-31
The Battle of Gog and Magog – Ezekiel 38 and 39