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An Insider Reveals Plans Against America Perry Stone

An Insider Reveals Plans Against America, One word from God can change your life! The Voice of Evangelism was founded for bringing a fresh Word from God to the Body of Christ and winning souls for the Kingdom of God

In Hope Against Hope, He Believed | Give Him 15: Daily Prayer with Dutch

First of all, I’m as convinced as I’ve ever been that we will see a sweeping revival and reformation in our nation. This includes the restoration of our God-given assignment to the nations of the world. These things – revival, reformation, and restoration – are what the statement “America shall be saved” means to me. My first allegiance is to the Kingdom of God, not the United States, and always will be. However, I do love America with what I am confident is a God-given love.

Further Thoughts On the Mid-term Elections | Give Him 15: Daily Prayer with Dutch 

Thank you Dutch for this mornings teaching. I believe we were disappointed, but we will not quit believing that all evil will be exposed and brought to justice. I agree, declare and decree with you Dutch that Abba Father will continue with His plans and we the ekklesia will stand against evil. We will see the 3rd Great Awakening Revival will come to pass and this generation will see it. America and Be blessed everyone

Spirit of Glory

Understanding How the Prophetic Works | Give Him 15: Daily Prayer with Dutch 

Dutch Sheets Ministries is an apostolic, prophetic, and teaching ministry that is used to empower Christians throughout America and the world. Dutch is known for his apostolic and prophetic anointing and gifted teaching, cutting through challenging beliefs and bringing revelation and alignment to many believers. He is also a gifted writer, using this method of communication to teach different topics, primarily on prayer and spiritual authority.

Spirit of Glory

Protect Our Children | Give Him 15: Daily Prayer with Dutch 

Pray for our children, they are under attack, mostly from our Government! We have a whole generation of children who have been raised with a portal into the world system (the Internet) in the palm of their hand 24/7. I’ve seen Christian parents use the internet and tv like a babysitter. Add to that the indoctrination they receive in public schools and it’s no wonder why our kids are secular. Christian parents need to start training their children in the ways of the Lord. It’s hard work but if you love them you’ll make the sacrifice

Spirit of Glory

“I Must Have America” | Give Him 15: Daily Prayer with Dutch | 

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