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A Stern Warning to All Rapture Scoffers | Episode #1206 | Perry Stone

A Stern Warning to All Rapture Scoffer.Something I Have Missed Concerning the Pre-Tribulation Rapture Perry Stone, One word from God can change your life! The Voice of Evangelism was founded for bringing a fresh Word from God to the Body of Christ and winning souls for the Kingdom of God. From its 70,000-square foot, International Ministry Center located in Cleveland, TN, Voice of Evangelism is striving to reach the world with the Gospel of Christ through revivals, television, audio/video media, printed material, missionary sponsorship, and outreach ministries.

Spirit of Glory

The Rapture and Who Will Be Taken…

There are many sermons, articles, social media post and so on regarding the topic of the Rapture. This in my opinion and not “Thus Said the Lord”. After spending a considerable amount of time studying the Bible and using scriptures as a basis, again I am sharing my opinion.