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An End Time Revelation From Matthew 24 | Perry Stone

End Time Revelation From Matthew 24, Prophetic verses in Matthew 24 will come together much clearer after seeing and hearing this message! Great teaching from an ancient village.

Spirit of Glory

Prophetic Wars On The Horizon

Prophetic Wars On The Horizon now being fulfilled are centering on future international wars. Learn what is coming. Watch the latest Manna-Fest episode with Perry Stone. This episode was filmed at the 2022 Main Event Campmeeting in Cleveland, TN

Spirit of Glory

This may appear bold or even arrogant?  

The Kingdom or our Father God is it not our Kingdom too? Are we not heirs of His Kingdom? Are we not children of God, whether Jew or Gentile, being grafted into the family as one in unity? When I began thinking of this; caring for the Kingdom took on a deeper meaning for me.